These charcoal drawings came about when I felt frustrated and lost in my work and decided to simplify it in hopes of regaining my footing.  I have always envied/admired poets who need nothing more than pencil and paper, so I pared down to the basics of charcoal on paper – black and white, negative and positive space. In limiting my options, I actually felt the freedom to open up and expand.

My work is grounded in observing the environment, which for many years has been the woods and fields and skies of the Midwest. I spend a lot of time bird-watching, usually in the dawn or dusk, and my drawings portray images of the gloaming light, trees against sky, weather, wind, migration.

Initially my drawings were focused on trees and more enclosed areas: now the spaces are opening up and  birds and skies are becoming predominant. I am not concerned that the places be specific or recognizable, but rather I hope that they invoke a memory or seem familiar to the viewer.