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Here is my promised Ecuador post.  First I want to pass on the link to lifenetnature.org, the organization I went over there with.  I highly recommend looking at their site, they are doing some fantastic conservation work and are always looking for volunteers.  Good people!

The first photo is of me standing in front of a huge strangler fig tree. The next photo is the group that did all the bird work – Pascual, Larry, Mauricio, Joel, and Dusti, the biologist who started and runs this program.  Pascual and Mauricio are locals she has trained and who have been helping her for about 15 years.  Larry, Joel and I were the three volunteer workers.  Photo three is where we lived and worked for 10 days; upstairs we slept in tents, and downstairs we ate, entered data, and did some of the banding.  The  last photo is of the Caballeros who brought all our supplies up to the Cloud Forest camp on their horses and mules.  They had to haul water and food plus all our work and living gear, I think there were 14 animals in all!

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