TREES, the book I am doing with my sister Mary, is in the final proof stage and will be printed in the next few weeks!  Whew, a big but fun project. Nice to collaborate with Mary and Barbara McIlrath, the fabulous designer. The book will be available at both of our web sites, Gallery 360 in Minneapolis, Abode Gallery in Stockholm, WI and a few other as yet undetermined locales.

Other than that, I have been participating in the last year of the Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas; the wet and cold spring  has made it difficult for the birds and us birders. I have an adorable Mrs.Catbird on a nest right outside my kitchen window, she is so cute peeking out her nest at me in the morning.

Check the News on my website for information on upcoming shows.  I will be sending out a mailer for my August /September solo show at Gallery 360; it will be a book release event as well, and there will be a poetry reading by Mary in September.

This charcoal drawing is of Mary’s orchard in Stockholm, WI.

IMG_1509 copy

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