Sometimes all I want to do is hike.  It is the best way for me to get calm, re-balance, heal, gestate.  I have recently come across many wonderful things while hiking – the only problem is that anything I could possibly do as an artist pales by comparison…. I guess the thing to do is just enjoy, don’t compare!

First photo –  some Apache  art (I have been told)  that is in a cave which takes some scrambling to get to.

Second photo – Rock pictographs which were scattered on rocks in a canyon. Don’t know the origin.

Third and fourth photos – crystals found on top of appropriately named crystal mountain.  These had interesting square areas where it looks like a large rock or crystal chunked out and left a depression. (any geologists know what these are?)

The last photo is of some of the beautiful lichen that is all over the rocks here.  The photos don’t do any of these justice!

If I were spending as much time doing my art as I am hiking….

P1070234 P1070243


















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